800 Montreal Road

Ottawa, Ontario

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800 Montréal Road is located at the south-east corner of Montreal Road and Den Haag Drive in the City of Ottawa. The site was acquired from Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) by Canada Lands Company in 2007 and the company has received approval for a master development plan and has serviced the site. A number of the development blocks has construction proceeding on them. Canada Lands Company consulted with community stakeholders and area residents in preparing potential redevelopment concepts for the property.

Constructed in the 1950s by PWGSC, the building served as the eastern base for the federal government's Forest Products Laboratory, which conducted research into numerous aspects of Canada's forest industry. Changing government priorities led to the closure of the government's forest research program in 1978, and the building was later leased to Forintek, a private, non-profit corporation designed to promote forestry research. Forintek ceased operation at the site in 1994. Demolition of the non-heritage portion of the existing building was completed in the fall of 2008.


Property Update

2017 07 13

Canada Lands Company CLC Limited is currently offering the remaining 1.5 acre development Block B for sale. The property underwent demolition efforts in 2016 to remove the former Forintek building.  The property is now improved and offers a serviced development opportunity within close proximity to downtown Ottawa.

2015 02 12

CLC currently has one remaining parcel of land for sale at this site, Block B, totalling 1.5 acres of prime development land. The site is located at the corner of Montréal Road and Den Haag Drive. Montréal Road serves as a major arterial route running east-west, with direct access to Parliament Hill and downtown Ottawa. Block B is improved with the former “Forintek Administration Building,” a two storey structure with a gross floor area of approximately 20,700 SF distributed over 3 floors. Built in 1958, the remaining structure was part of a larger complex of which was demolished in 2008.

2015 02 12

Effective August 1, 2013, Unity Street, which currently connects Montréal Road and Den Haag Drive, will officially be renamed LeBoutillier Avenue by the City of Ottawa, in honour of Captain William Percy LeBoutillier.

Captain LeBoutillier was in "D" Company of the Royal Rifles of Canada and saw action at the infamous battle at Stanley Village, Hong Kong, in 1941. Captain LeBoutillier received a battlefield promotion to Adjutant of the Royal Rifles of Canada for his leadership and courage in the 17 day battle for Hong Kong. Captain LeBoutillier was also awarded the Member of the British Empire.

Canada Lands Company, in co-operation with Valecraft Homes Incorporated (owners of the southern portion of the site), have agreed to include LeBoutillier Avenue as part of their respective future development plans.

2015 02 12

CBRE Limited has been retained on an exclusive basis by Canada Lands Company to arrange the disposition of land located at 800 Montréal Road in the City of Ottawa. This offering represents an excellent development opportunity situated along Montréal Road in Ottawa East. View an information package here.

2015 02 12

Valecraft Homes, owners of the southern portion of the site known as Block D, has notified CLC that it has prepared a comprehensive landscaping plan that will enhance and improve the southern boundary, following the removal of existing vegetation, about which CLC was not aware. It is CLC’s understanding that Valecraft will deliver a copy of their plan to affected homeowners in the next few days. For more information, please contact Valecraft Homes at 613-837-1104 or info@valecrafthomes.com.

2015 02 12

The final two development blocks at 800 Montréal Road are actively being marketed. Block A (2.4 acres) and Block B (1.5 acres) allow for condominium apartments and seniors residential opportunities respectively. For more information contact: Krista Durie, Project Coordinator @ (613) 998-7970.

2015 02 12

CLC has completed the sale of three of the site’s development blocks. The contract for the construction of the internal road and services has been awarded and work is expected commence around the beginning of August. Building activities on the sold blocks are not anticipated to commence until late this year or early next year.

2015 02 12

The project has received City Council’s approval with respect to the zoning amendments as well as the Committee of Adjustment’s approval of severances. CLC’s marketing of the development blocks is continuing and the construction of the internal road and services is scheduled for the summer of 2011.


800 Montréal Road

Ottawa, Ontario



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